California Firefighters

California Firefighters

California has long known the high possibility of widespread fires throughout the state in Summer. Due to the mild weather year round there tends to be much more sun than rain which is why people flock to California.

The past few years in the sunshine state have been in a drought, a very severe drought and despite all citizens water saving actions ranging between 18-24% reduction in water usage, they still don’t have enough water.

The extreme drought has not only brought desolate farmland and brown lawns, it has left forests dead or dying with plenty of kindling to help feed fires. Since the beginning of 2016 CAL FIRE and the U.S. Forest Service has responded to over 2,000 fires in the state.

As of June 26th the  2016 largest fire in California is Erskine Fire in Kern County burning more than 45,000 acres with only 40% containment. The Erskine Fire is only one of nine fires currently burning in California and the number of homes and communities burned continue to rise.

As we watch the fires burn we continue to see the men and women who work tirelessly to save lives, homes and communities pulled away from their homes and loved ones. The firefighters of California give so much to the state and are in constant need of assistance. Not only do we want to thank them for their service but we want to continue to spread awareness of their needs.


Check out the 2016 California Firefighters Support t-shirt at KarmaLaunch, the proceeds of the shirts go to California Firefighters and are used for food, shelter and equipment as the battle between men and nature rages on. Do your part to support by getting a t-shirt, conserving water and being smart when it comes to fire.

What are your tips for conserving water? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you do!

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