Happy 4th of July America!

Happy 4th of July America!

The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 on July 4th, marking our independence from Britain and the start of democracy. The 4th of July is celebrated with barbeques, pies and fireworks but how much do we really know about the 4th of July?

When the original Declaration of Independence was written it contained the words “the pursuit of property” this was later changed to “the pursuit of happiness” but who changed it?

a. John Adams
b. George Washington
c. Thomas Jefferson

If you said c. you’d be right. Thomas Jefferson changed the wording which holds true today. Not only was the 4th of July the birthday of America it was also the death of three US presidents: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. However 4th of July is still a time to celebrate the independence we gained.

Although Congress did not officially label the 4th of July a holiday until 1870 the first celebration of independence day took place on July 8th 1776 and was held in what city?

a. Washington D.C.
b. Philadelphia
c. Plymouth Rock

Philadelphia was not only the location of the first Independence day celebration it was also the place that the Declaration was first read in public to the people, who were summoned to town by the ringing of the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell is still on display in Philadelphia the original location and while it used to ring to draw the town together, it is no longer rung because of fear of cracking the bell further. Instead of ringing the bell these days the 2,000 pound bell is tapped to signal bells across the country to begin ringing. How many times do we tap the Liberty Bell on the 4th of July?

a. 1 time
b. 13 times
c. 100 times

Just like the original 13 colonies we tap the bell 13 times to start the ringing across the country, meaning it’s time to celebrate! What do we do today to celebrate our independence? Barbeque! Did you know that each year on the 4th of July Americans eat 150 million hot dogs? That’s right 150 million, not to mention the individual consumption during Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.

In 2015 Matt Stonie upset Nathan’s hot dog eating contest by ending Joey Chestnut’s 8 year winning streak. During the Coney Island contest how many hot dogs did Matt eat to dethrone Joey?

a. 61
b. 64
c. 62

Matt Stonie may have eaten 62 hot dogs to steal the crown in 2015 but who still holds the most hot dogs eaten during the contest ever?

a. Takeru Kobayashi
b. Ed Krachie
c. Joey Chestnut

With Joey eating 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes women aren’t that far behind in the growing number of hot dogs eaten eat year. Sonya Thomas holds the record of the most hot dogs eaten by a female contestant. How many did she eat?

a. 35
b. 45
c. 65

45 hot dogs is Sonya’s world record and keeps the ladies right in the game. Filling up on hot dogs maybe fun but we hope you’ve saved room for apple pie and red, white and blue jello because the celebrations are just beginning! Congress officially selected fireworks as a way to celebrate the first anniversary of our independence and they’ve been shooting off every year since. Just be sure to stay safe while celebrating with fireworks or bonfires.

How do you celebrate the 4th of July? Comment your favorite traditions below!


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