KarmaLaunch & Boys and Girls Club

KarmaLaunch & Boys and Girls Club

What an exciting weekend we had! KarmaLaunch was honored to be part of the Boys and Girls Club Cleanup in Pacifica California. The Boys and Girls Club is a safe place for kids to learn and grow, build relationships and character, all while helping their community. Their mission is to enable all young people, especially those in need to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. One way in which they fulfill their mission is through community service and donating time to keep their clubhouse clean and well cared for.  


On Saturday July 23rd members of the KarmaLaunch team attended the Pacifica Cleanup in order to donate shirts to all participants and assist in the heavy lifting. Saturday’s event was organized by a Pacifica Local from State Farm Insurance named Jaymi Wessell. Thanks to Jaymi’s hard work on this event, the community came together with some very awesome companies and cleaned up the park surrounding the Pacifica Clubhouse.

Sleepy parents and excited kids embarked on this journey bright and early. Starbucks graciously donated coffee, which was quickly consumed and definitely helped to get the whole team up and running. The goals of the day were to clean the area and beautify the location with plants, flowers and grass. The community started the day by pulling all the weeds rounding up every single piece of trash to either throw away or recycle properly. The kids even helped with the trimming of shrubs to keep areas cleared for fun.

By mid morning the change was happening, we could already see the community’s hard work coming together just by looking around at the cleaned up clubhouse. However there was much more work to be done, after lots of water breaks in the sunny Pacifica sun everyone was ready to keep going. That’s right about when The Home Depot truck showed up filled with tons of amazing plant and landscape donations. The kids began unloading the drought resistant plants and flowers, while the heavy lifters focused on the bags of mulch and sod to be laid down.

Families worked quickly to plant the flowers and lay the sod, as well as furiously spreading tan bark around to protect the plants. Once the landscape was completed and any additional trash picked up the whole team gathered for a photo. With tired bodies, dirty hands and hearts full of happiness we posed for our photo shoot. The kids couldn’t wait to tell their friends all that they had accomplished.

Thanks to The Boys and Girls Club of Pacifica, Jaymi Wessell, Starbucks and The Home Depot for allowing KarmaLaunch to take part in this amazing experience. We can’t wait to do it again!

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