Louisiana Flood Fundraiser

Louisiana Flood Fundraiser

We’ve all seen flooding caused by natural events such as tropical storms and hurricanes, even in areas with built-in flood protection. However, more recently we are seeing flash-flooding in areas not historically hit by storms, so areas are unprepared to handle a sudden deluge of water. This is caused by low pressure systems moving throughout the south and dumping torrential rainfall throughout many southern cities, most notably in Louisiana.

If you have been watching the news lately, then you are most likely aware of the flash flooding that has taken place in Louisiana over the past few days. The federal government recently declared the area, especially in Louisiana, a disaster area so federal funds can help the more than 40,000 citizens displaced from their homes. Of course, no amount of money will ever adequately compensate the families of the 8 Americans who perished since last Saturday, but thousands of volunteers are doing their part to help the survivors regain their footing.

The rains let up as of Tuesday morning, but now the clean-up must begin. Emergency crews are still going door to door rescuing people and their beloved pets, of which rescue crews have more than 100 rescued animals from flooded homes.Louisiana_tshirt

Louisiana flood fundraiser t-shirt.

KarmaLaunch, as it has done with other natural disasters, partners with local organizations to help the people who need it most – those closest to the devastation and their pets. It is with great pride that we once again partner with the American Red Cross, an organization that has tirelessly helped this country’s struggling citizens for the last 135 years. We will donate all proceeds to them at the conclusion of this campaign. With your help, we can quickly send money to help now, instead of waiting for federal funds.

Please show your support by sharing Louisiana’s story and telling your family and friends how they can help as well.

One thought on “Louisiana Flood Fundraiser

  1. Did multiple trips to help after hurricane Katrina and I know the faith and resilience of these people.
    Stay strong, your brothers and sisters across the country are praying for you.


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