Team USA Basketball

Team USA Basketball

Meet Mikyla! She fell in love with basketball when she was in the 5th grade, she’s been passionate ever since. The competitive nature of the sport allows Mikyla to continuously hone her skills while learning from others. She credits her longtime coach Lonnie who has taught her everything she knows about the game of basketball.

Over the years Mikyla has been able to travel, meet new people, learn new skills and see where this passion leads. Traveling inside the United States and out she’s had an amazing time getting to know new people, countries and customs. Last year she had the chance to play for Team USA and found the experience to be soul satisfying.

The great news is Mikyla has the chance to play for Team USA again this coming summer. Some members of the team will be new, some she will already know and she is ready for another amazing chance to make connections while playing the sport of her dreams.

This coming year Team USA will be competing in Austria! Mikyla will travel next June to New York City to meet her teammates before journeying off to Austria on a 10 day trip. While all of the above sounds amazing and is, it also costs Mikyla a pretty penny to make those dreams come true.

team_mikyla_fundraiserBuy Mikyla’s Team USA T-Shirt

Mikyla has been working hard to save money, selling candy bars, accepting donations and has now even created a shirt at KarmaLaunch to support her cause. By purchasing Mikyla’s Team USA shirt you will be making a donation to her as all proceeds go directly to her trip. You’ll be able to show your support by wearing her shirt and most of all you’ll allow her passion of basketball to continue to grow.

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