Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday

Today is Remember Me Thursday, a chance for folks to share how their rescue pets became part of the family. It’s also a chance to alert Blue Buffalo to your favorite rescue organization, and enter them into a drawing for 1000 pounds of free food! Remember to tag your submissions with #RememberTheRescue #RememberMeThursday #karmalaunch on Twitter or Instagram by September 30th.

To get the ball rolling, here are 3 stories from folks on the KarmaLaunch team. We can’t wait to read yours!

Mr. Bailey – Owner Dan D.
Meet Mr. Bailey. He is our 4-year-old boxer who acts as if he is still a puppy. Bailey is the third boxer we have owned and is by far the most prone to getting into trouble. I’m a firm believer in adopting animals who need homes, so we reached out to NorCal Boxer Rescue when we were looking for a new member of our family. Roughly 7 month old Bailey was found with no collar running around the streets of Coachella Valley and brought up to the Bay Area. I remember meeting Bailey for the first time, it was love at first sight. He came to us without any behavior skills but was the most loving dog we’ve ever had. After dealing with a couple destroyed couches as well as replacing chewed up drywall, we got Bailey some much needed training at puppy boot camp. Since then, he has turned out to be a great member of our family. He still likes to remove all the covers on the bed when we leave him alone but now only destroys his toys and not parts of the house.

Bayou & Flurry – Pack Leader: Eric M.
Meet tiny versions of Bayou and Flurry, the latest editions to the Matson Pack. Two and a half years ago, at the age of 4 weeks, they were put in a box along with 3 brothers and sisters and taken to the local Safeway in Merced, CA. The young boy’s face told the entire story – they were mistakes, and he couldn’t keep them. His mom bred and sold champion Catahoula Curs, and his older brother bred and sold Siberian Huskies. One night, 5 pups were conceived when a kennel door was accidentally left open. Before they could be taken by someone unqualified to nurse newborns to good health, a kindhearted woman took the box to her favorite shelter, Pupz N Palz Rescue in Modesto, CA. They were spayed and given some very necessary care to help stabilize their young systems. At 8 weeks and a day, our family doubled as we welcomed two pups to their forever home.

It took a while to find a puppy food that didn’t upset their delicate balance, but once we discovered Blue Buffalo, we stopped looking. Their health immediately improved, and they’ve added more than 150lbs in the last two years. We’ve had Aussies and Border Collies, but wow, these two are smart. As sisters, they operate in a shared Alpha relationship where Flurry manages the internal inventory of food and toys, while Bayou uses her extra 20lbs and husky strength as both onsite and remote Alpha security while we’re out on our adventures. They love a 2-3 mile walk in the morning, but their favorite time of day is chasing various squeezles at the park. We wanted to honor both lineages with an appropriate name, so Bayou was chosen to pay respect to the Catahoula, Louisiana’s state dog. Flurry’s name was chosen to represent the snowy weather experienced by her remote family. BTW, Bayou says thanks for naming Bayou Blend after her! She loves alligator now!

Koa – Mommy Becky 

Koa AKA Koa The Diva came to live with us when he was only 2 months old. We were notified by the shelter of three Pitbull puppies so we rushed over thrilled to think we would be able to adopt him. From day one he has been the snuggle master of our house! When he was a year old, our niece was born and a forever bond was created. Koa loves the park to run and roll and sniff but his most favorite thing to do is play tug-a-war. He know’s all the tricks and uses his body weight against us, can you guess who wins 99% of the time? Unlike other dogs this gentle giant doesn’t get off the couch to greet you at the door… he rolls onto his back and wags his tail waiting for a belly rub. He’s an amazing listener and was top of his class at puppy training. We simply couldn’t ask for a better dog, companion and family member.

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