Chris Leamy, the man behind the #HePlaysForMe movement.

Chris Leamy, the man behind the #HePlaysForMe movement.

Check out our newest KarmaLaunch Hero – Chris Leamy! A regular New Yorker, a hard worker and a musician for the love of it, had his life changed one day in April on the subway. A lady sat on the subway asking for change, like she had done day after day. She saw Chris’s guitar slung over his shoulder as he traveled and nodded her head towards him saying, “This would be much easier with that”. Chris exited the subway and went about his journey but her words continued to stay with him, the gears in his head started to turn.

Would it be easier to raise money with the help of his guitar? Could he actually do something with his guitar to help those less fortunate? What would he do with this new realization?

Chris decided he would test out his theory and while walking in New York he sat down next to a homeless man. He asked about this man’s life and why he was on the streets, the answer he received saddened him so he asked if he could play his guitar for the man.

The man nodded and Chris pulled out his guitar and began to play. The donations although small started to fill his guitar case. The man sitting next to Chris began to smile as he watched the people who walk by him every day finally stop to pay attention, finally offer a dollar of hope. When Chris was done, he handed the man all of the donations received for the day. The man looked down at the money and mentioned he had never made that amount in one day before, that he was usually lucky if he made anything. He thanked Chris and hoped to see him again.

His wish came true, Chris proved the theory that more money will be donated with the guitar. Even more than that he had made a hopeless man feel hope for the first time in a long time. Chris knew he couldn’t stop there, so began his journey.

Chris began meeting homeless people on the streets, getting to know them, listening to their stories and and asking if he could play for them. Before long people started to notice and that was when Chris started #HePlaysForMe movement.

#HePlaysForMe movement has raise thousands of dollars for both shelters and individual human beings in need. KarmaLaunch is so thrilled to be partnering with Chris Leamy Music on a t-shirt for hope.

heplaysforme t-shirt fundraiserheplayswithme shop button
The shirt above can be found at KarmaLaunch for purchase, all the proceeds of the purchase of this shirt will be donated to homeless shelters in time to assist with Thanksgiving needs of their people. We are so thankful that with your help these shelters will be able to provide Thanksgiving meals to thousands, warm clothing, personal cleaning items and even assistance to get off the streets.

Please read more about Chris and his movement at

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