Porsche the Boxer

Porsche the Boxer

Meet Porsche the Boxer! Porsche was born with a cleft palate and was the runt of the litter. Sadly, her momma rejected her right after being born. The owner decided to give Porsche a fighting chance and surrendered her to Dr. Debbie Goode with Westwood Veterinary Hospital.

porsche boxer.png

Dr. Goode took Porsche in when she was only 1 day old. She is now 10 weeks old and is starting to eat meatballs. Porsche is gaining weight and getting stronger by the day. She is such a fighter!

Porsche will need to undergo corrective surgery to fix her cleft palate so she will be able to eat on her own. Guidelines for surgery at that age vary widely—some veterinarians prefer them to be 8-12 weeks, while others recommend treating puppies with this condition when they are 6+ months old due to decreased effect on the development of dentition, or the arrangement of the teeth. Porsche will be evaluated for surgery when she’s at least 2 lbs/1kg (would not be a safe anesthesia candidate before that) or larger. We’ll make a call on when we do surgery at that point. The surgery will be easier the larger she is.

The initial surgery will cost at least $2500, however, revisions are very common with this type of procedure.

boxer tshirt.pngboxer t-shirt button

KarmaLaunch is excited to help support Porsche and Dr. Goode with another great t-shirt fundraiser. You can purchase your “I LOVE BOXERS” shirt with the above link.

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