ReSurge International-Restoring Hope Across The Globe

ReSurge International-Restoring Hope Across The Globe

KarmaLaunch is incredibly excited to team up with ReSurge International; a globally-recognized charity specializing in reconstructive surgery, training, and patient follow-up in developing nations. Founded in 1969, ReSurge has been a pioneer in demonstrating that physical rehabilitation not only healed the body, but was instrumental in reintegrating people back into society.

Flash forward nearly 50 years, and ReSurge International is now responsible for performing more than 100,000 life-changing surgeries in 15 countries to children and adults with clefts, disabling burns, hand traumas and other disfigurements and injuries. ReSurge envisions a world in which no human being suffers physically or emotionally from a repairable congenital deformity or injury. To reach that vision, ReSurge partners with volunteers and overseas medical partners to both provide surgical care and to educate and empower local medical professionals so that high-quality surgical access is available year-round, now and for generations to come.

ReSurge International T-Shirtshop ReSurge

Please help support this incredible organization by purchasing one or more of their hooded or long-sleeve tees.

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