Life Of Harley The Dog

Life Of Harley The Dog

Meet Harley a one year old golden retriever that loves to people watch at the park and eat as much peanut butter as his mom will allow. Harley has the most loving family that will do absolutely everything to ensure his health and happiness. That is why it was so hard to learn that Harley was diagnosed with a luxating patella in his right knee 3 months ago. A luxating patella means that any physical movement of his knee and his kneecap will dislocate.

harleythedogLife Of Harley The Dog T-Shirt

Harley hasn’t been able to run, jump, swim or even walk without issues. That was until his family decided to go through with a very expensive surgery to repair his right knee. While the surgery went well it took a toll on Harley and his mom. Harley was in a lot of pain after surgery and required 24 hour care, the emotional strain has affected everyone. As Harley began getting better his family noticed he began limping on his left leg.

They were relieved when the vet said it was only inflammation around his growth plate. However even after treating him for an inflamed left knee, his limp only got worse. After more x-rays and tests the vet had less than positive news; Harley had a grade 3 luxating patella in his left knee. Harley needs surgery again, in less than a month after his first one.

The emotional and financial strain Harley’s family has endured the past three months has been very hard. With Harley’s family is still trying to pay for his first surgery he is already scheduled for his second one.

Harley’s mom needs heros today to help get her one year old puppy back. She has created a shirt “Harley Supporters Unite” that can be purchased for $13 at KarmaLaunch. All the proceeds will go towards Harley and his road to recovery. Harley’s Mom created this shirt to show people that they are heros, they are helping to save her family and they should know that they are making a difference in her life and saving Harley’s.

Connect with KarmaLaunch on Facebook and Instagram to help spread the word and save Harley’s life!

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